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Performance Garment Show with Cirilo Domine
September 6, 2018
Thursday, 7:00 to 8:00pm

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Pinta*Dos Philippine Art Gallery presents a Performance Garment Show with artist Cirilo Domine. The performance coincides with the current exhibition Strands: Filipino and Filipino-American Contemporary Artists Encounter Textile, in which Domine has several mixed-media works.

The performance, titled STILL. HERE, refers to a previous calligraphic/performance project by Domine using the words “STILL HERE” on paper. The words then morphed into STYLE HEIR, STARE AIR, STILL AIR, STILL STEEL, HEAR HERE, STEEL HERE, STIR HEAL. The center of the collection is a grouping of seven shirts loosely painted with these words and then dyed in natural indigo. Their silhouettes echo that of the simple tops from the Northern Cordilleras of the Philippines. This shape happens to cross multiple cultures as one can see it in the huipils of Oaxaca and elsewhere in Central America. These shirts can be worn in multiple ways and each model will demonstrate various transformations.

Other garments are re-interpretations of a Filipina woman's camisa and a Filipino man's camisa de chino (both circa 1920s) that Domine found in the Philippines. These are either patchwork or dyed in indigo linen as well.  These iconic Filipino garments will then be integrated into each model's everyday wear.

The items in the third grouping are like flags with armholes that can be worn in multiple ways—as a poncho, a shawl, a vest, a robe, or a dress. The colors are all based in nature, enveloping the wearer in an ever-changing cartography of the sky, the sea, the forest, and the earth.

'Still. Here' is a poetic protest, a show of resilience, a reclamation of these garments as part of our inheritance. But it also shows the condition of the Philippine Diaspora: fragmented but intact, dislocated but thriving.

Music performed by violinist Mark Golamco. 

Most of our models are Filipino cultural workers who are also friends, artists, writers, musicians as well as their spouses, allies, or partners.Type your paragraph here.

P E R F O R M A N C E    G A R M E N T  S H O W  by C I R I L O  D O M I N I